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Portland End the Blockade of Cuba Committee

Condemns the FBI’s attempts

The Portland End the Blockade of Cuba Committee condemns the FBI’s attempts to intimidate members of the Committee in Solidarity with Cuba by going to their homes and interrogating them about the recent visit of the Juan Ruis Rivera Brigade to Cuba. The brigade promotes humanitarian work and cultural exchange in solidarity with the Cuban people in the face of the decades-long illegal U.S. embargo condemned by the U.N. General Assembly.

At exactly the same time as the Brigade was in Cuba there were various other brigades and delegations from the US visiting the island on licensed trips bringing humanitarian aid to the Cuban people. One of our members was on one of the delegations. Should he now expect a knock on the door from the FBI?

In recent years your own director has repeatedly stated that the main threat to the US come from home grown far-right terrorist groups. We suggest your efforts would be better directed at investigating them.

Yours sincerely

John Waller

Portland End the Blockade of Cuba Committee

4785 N Yale St

Portland, OR 97203

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