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Minnesota Cuba Committee

To: Juan Rius Rivera Brigade and Committee in Solidarity with Cuba of Puerto Rico, Milagros Rivera, President

Supporters of Cuban sovereignty and opponents of the U.S. economic blockade from Minnesota, strongly condemn the FBI harassment of participants in the recent Juan Rius Rivera Brigade to Cuba. The visits to peoples’ homes and phone calls trying to interrogate people about the Brigade and the Committee in Solidarity with Cuba, and its spokesperson Milagros Rivera, are a serious attack on democratic rights. We call on all supporters of democratic rights to protest these attacks. We also protest the brutal raids against the African Peoples’ Socialist Party in July in St. Louis and St. Petersburgh, Florida.

Recently Senator Marco Rubio called for an FBI investigation of Cuba Solidarity groups, particularly Puentes de Amor (Bridges of Love), as agents of a foreign government. This is outrageous witch-hunting and should be strongly rejected.

The Juan Rius Rivera Brigade should be commended for taking medical and humanitarian aid to Cuba, rather than persecuted. We say to the people of Puerto Rico and Cuba – You are not alone! We say to the US government and FBI – You should not think that the people of Puerto Rico and Cuba are alone.

Solidarity Committee on the Americas,

Minnesota Cuba Committee

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