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FBI hands off Puerto Rican activists!

The Partido de Socialista Unidad/Socialist Unity Party and Mujeres en Lucha/Women in Struggle strongly condemn the McCarthyite witch hunt tactics of the FBI on the island of Puerto Rico against the Cuba Solidarity Committee (CSC) and the Juan Rius Rivera Brigade.

Employing similar tactics that they used during COINTELPRO against the Black Liberation movement and the American Indian Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, the FBI embarked on a coordinated campaign of harassment and intimidation of these solidarity organizations all through the island on Aug. 23. Intimidation tactics included visiting friends and family of the groups’ members, as well as threatening to bring charges against other family members.

These efforts of the FBI will never deter the people of Puerto Rico from standing in solidarity with Cuba, and continuing to demand an end to the decades-long U.S. hostilities against their revolution.

FBI hands off Puerto Rican activists!

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