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STATEMENT RE: FBI Harassment of Members of Cuba Solidarity Committee (CSC) of Puerto Rico

Canadian Network on Cuba – Working in Friendship & Solidarity with Cuba Email:

The Canadian Network on Cuba denounces in the strongest possible terms the shameful intimidation tactics and alleged investigation by the FBI against members of the Cuba Solidarity Committee (CSC) of Puerto Rico.

The Juan Rius Rivera Brigade simply brought humanitarian donations to Cuba and participated in educational and cultural exchanges with the Cuban people. This is something that the members of the Canadian Network on Cuba, and numerous solidarity groups in countries around the world do - It's called Solidarity.

The CNC condemns the McCarthyist actions of the United States FBI to threaten and bully those who courageously challenged the immoral U.S. Blockade against Cuba. We condemn this blatant violation of human rights against those standing in solidarity with Cuba.

The United States government's cruel Blockade will never block solidarity.

CNC Statement - Solidarity with CSC Puerto Rico after FBI Harassment
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